Honeycomb bus floor panel commercially supply to market

Pentapur Composites new development

The CFRTP PP honeycomb bus floor planel has been commercially supplied into the market.
The customer loves it very much, it replaced the heavy traditional plywood panel, reduced a lot of screw use and labours to install.
They are very happy on our bus floor panel because:

1. Our panel is only 39% of the weight of the plywood floor (19mm thick);
2. The panel can be as long as 12m, which is not possible for plywood, and easy installation.
3. The panel is qualified by 400000 bending cycle tests.
4. It is qualified base on fire tests;
5. It reduces workers of installation, shorten the time of works
6. It reduces 80-90% of the screws used for plywood;
7. It does not change the installation process, adhesives…

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