Why Pentapur waterjet bricks durable and competitive

Pentapur is the leading PP honeycomb producer in China, the biggest waterjet bricks manufacturer in Asia countries.

Why our bricks durable?

There are different types of plastic waterjet bricks in the world, honeycomb bricks are one of them. Maybe different plastic is used like PP, or PE, or others. Pentapur waterjet bricks are made of polypropylene (PP).

The brick cutting durability is closely related to the density of bricks and the mechanical property of plastics. 

For honeycomb waterjet brick, the highest density is 200 kg/m3, this is what we can reach and the highest one in the industry. with this density, it is comparable to almost all other non-honeycomb bricks, it is absolutely excellent for pure water cutting and good for abrasive cutting.

As for mechanical property, what we use is the PP homopolymer with the highest hardness 105 or more, this is the best grade we can source from the market.

Furthermore, our waterjet bricks are POE reinforced, which increases the cutting resistance to the abrasive. 

Why we are competitive?

As you know, we mainly offer waterjet bricks base on recycled PP. As a PP honeycomb producer, we have a lot of core leftovers, which need to be used and waterjet bricks are one of these environmentally friendly applications.

By using core leftovers, we can supply waterjet bricks in quantity, and our costs is apparently lower than other competitors who use fresh PP.

waterjet bricks
waterjet bricks

To recycle core leftovers costs some, but it is still cheaper than fresh PP.  Base on the response from our customers, the performance is the same, the only difference is color, the recycled PP may have gray and different colors, but this does not affect the performance at all.

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