With possible application across commercial vehicle construction, ship building, wind power systems, transport and logistics, railcar and automotive fabrication as well as home construction, PP Honeycomb is a material that is creating a revolution across various segments of the economy. Any industry that is on the lookout for new options in the market to provide for their composite core material requirements, Polypropylene (PP) Honeycombs is the solution that offers strength benefits, reduced weight and, most importantly, affordability. Let’s check out some of the benefits offered by this material that are responsible for its rising popularity in the market:

Remarkable strength to weight ratio

Considering its applications in construction and fabrication industries, this material offers an excellent compressive strength, durability and high shear resistance while maintaining an extremely light weight. In fact, this material is often described as being lighter than water yet stronger than steel, making it the best choice for applications where controlling overall material weight poses a challenge.

Non-water absorbent

PP Honeycombs are lighter than water, as described above. This means the material enjoys excellent buoyancy in water and a variety of other fluids. And to top that, the water absorption levels of the material are virtually non-existent! So, if you require core materials for constructions that will constantly be exposed to water, PP Honeycombs will be your best buddy.

Shock absorption and resilience

PP Honeycombs have high constant force absorption capabilities, and when it does exceed its compressive yield threshold limit, it crushes at a uniform and predictable rate. The material is also resistant to corrosion from chemicals, weather, salt water, decay, and fungi. It also exhibits fatigue resistance and a mechanical memory which allows it to snap back into its original form once the forces bending it relent.

Easy to use and Eco-friendly

The material is easy to manufacture, handle, glue, weld or cut to custom shapes. One of the best things about PP Honeycombs is its eco-friendly nature. The material is 100% recyclable which is a major advantage for projects where a prominent aim is decreasing the final construction’s carbon footprint.

In short, PP Honeycombs is the answer to all your heavy-duty construction troubles! Choose this core material for your next project and feel the difference.


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